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Cost of L.E.E.D.?

Yet another reason to choose Omnicrete

The short answer to the question? Nothing if you build utilizing the Omnicrete system, through us or one of our Distributors!

According to research done by Northbridge Environmental Management Consultants on April 16th 2003, seeking L.E.E.D. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification could add up to 30% onto the actual construction costs of a building. When building with Omnicrete however, the construction cost increase is ZERO. Yes, building with Omnicrete owners can achieve the highest L.E.E.D. Certification with NO ADDITIONAL CONSTRUCTION COST! In the above referenced article the author believed that the average construction cost of “greening” was 6% to 8% even though their research suggested 30% increase in costs. We believe that anything over zero cost increase is a reason to choose Omnicrete and get all the other benefits as a bonus!

There are four levels of L.E.E.D. Certifications:

  1. Certified
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum

Omnicrete has plans drawn for our model home. The estimated L.E.E.D. points calculated with the help of the Florida Green Building Coalition qualifies that building with the Platinum Certification with 17 points to spare. The additional construction cost of that building to achieve Platinum Certification will be ZERO! 

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