A Note From Our Inventor / Founder

The Bottom Line...

Omnicrete is the greenest, most Energy Efficient, Strongest, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, Healthiest and Economically Efficient construction system ever created and proven on a job site! Present day Green Building Standards are designed to protect earth’s delicate Ecosystem, maximize energy efficiency, minimize indoor air pollution and reduce the overall carbon footprint. This focus is not only on the completed job and its consumption of energy during it’s useful life, but also on the materials used in the construction, the transportation of those materials to the job site and the re-use of the materials after the useful life of the building has expired. The Omnicrete System not only meets these standards and requirements, it far exceeds them.  — Len Terry, CEO, Founder, Inventor and Patent Holder. 


The Launching of a New Building Community Concept!

We have come up with an ingenious way of promoting the Green Building movement, Off-Grid movement, Hurricane / Tornado protection movement, L.E.E.D Certifications movement and the”tiny-house” movement all for an affordable cost that EVERYONE can afford even the people on a small fixed income. We are looking for investors to build out communities that are 100% off the grid (not only zero energy – totally off the grid!) that will be affordable for everyone. NO MOREdamage from weather anomalies that up root homeowners for extended periods. NO MOREdeaths from flying debris and falling trees and houses, NO MORE sickness and disease (MCS – Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) caused by mold,  NO MORE loss of  electric due to problems cause by old-fashion ugly wires running everywhere that get torn apart during storms, fires and fallen trees. Our government and big industries  have us controlled by wires; wires from massive electrical plants to within inches of our every movement and breath we take. We now have a complete comprehensive and independent solution. We CAN have energy independence and cost of shelter independence.  We have the solution! Call or email me today for more information. My cell is (407) 267-5374. – Len Terry


Green Building Consultants

Many years prior to the Green and Sustainable movement began we were designing a system that would not only be earth friendly but would protect the building occupants during natural and man made anomalies. From the beginning, we focused on this mission with the understanding that nothing new could survive outside of normal cost parameters of other building systems. After countless months and years of testing and tweaking, trial and error, and site discovery of the best site means and methods, we discovered a perfect solution that generates benefits far beyond our expectations at a cost to the consumer comparable to all standard types of construction methodologies such as Stick Frame, CMU Block, all types of ICF systems and Tilt-Wall.


Introducing OmniSmart SafeHomes

Get Financially independent and never have to worry utility bills, high insurance premiums, fires, termites and most important damage from hurricanes and tornadoes. As a bonus, live completely off the grid; cut the wires connecting you to the grid / government controls. Yes, stop our government and big business from controlling your life! This movement will sweep across the country; it is starting in Kissimmee, Florida and will grow across the country through OmniSmart communities. We have it all: the efficiency of a “tiny-house,” but much larger with energy efficiency as never seen before! We use all 12 volt power for lighting through out the home supplied by solar power, state of the art energy efficiency air conditioning / heating equipment and many more features that have NEVER been assembled together before. We are combining every energy efficient process known to man in our massively high energy system building envelope. This OmniSmart SafeHome and the OmniSmart Developments will be explained in future web pages on this site so stop back. Until then call Len Terry (407) 267-5374 if you want to discuss building your OmniSmart Safe Home