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About Us

Len Terry, Founder / Patent Holder / CEO

Affordable, Strong, Green,Sustainable and Energy Efficient building technology isn't a gimmick or buzzwords to me--they are part of who I am. As a cornerstone of my core beliefs, I have been researching, implementing and practicing high performance, strong, energy efficient and green building approaches since my mission began in 1966. After extreme designing and testing the finished patented process lead to a high performance construction system which surpasses L.E.E.D. Platinum Certification with 17 points to spare - so it is clear, I don't just practice strong, green and sustainable building, I live it!

An Omnicrete building occupant also has peace of mind knowing that their family is protected from the threat of Fire, mold and mositure anomolies.

This patented construction system has, from it inception, been out performing all other conventional and non-conventional building techniques, Energy Star Ratings and Net Zero Energy compliance requirements. And... here is the best part, the cost of the Omnicrete construction is very comparable to conventional block and wood construction and considerably less than other types of non-conventional types of construction such as ICF, tilt wall and many others. -Len Terry (; 407.267.5374)

Michael Ellis, Director of Distributorships & Marketing. Franchise Division President>

Mr. Ellis’ talents are massive. Being fluent in English, Spanish and comfortable with French, German and Portuguese, coupled with his vast experience with international business, makes him a valuable asset to bringing this organization to all parts of the world. We are honorer to have such a trusted, talented and valued business professional on our team of executives. This organization will grow around him in the months and years to come. -Michael Ellis;; 407.595.0975

Ryan D. Terry, Distributorship Site Implantation Manager/Director of Construction

Ryan has a stellar history of all major trades and is a protectionist in everything he does. Not only is he the son of the inventor but an on site, hands on manager who has grown with every aspect of this process from its inception. He is the site “go to guy.” He is in charge of training Distributors and coordinating schedules with subs and the job site coordinator for the construction side of our company.

Donna M. Terry, Corp Secretary/Treasurer & Financially Responsible Person for GC License

Donna has decades of experience in the construction industry as controller and director of finance. Being the wife of the inventor she has seen this system grow from the ground up since 1999.


This is an Ad currently running in the New York Times; featuring one of our homes on the resale market in Joplin, MO: “THE NEW MISSOURI GREEN HOME! Omnicrete construction¬†is the Greenest, most sustainable, energy efficient, fire proof, termite proof, mold proof authentic ICF system ever to enter the construction market!!”… To see the full ad go to this site.


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