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U.S. Green Building Council - Florida Chapter

With each new day, more business leaders, elected officials and everyday Floridians are recognizing that sustainability is the key to a prosperous future.  These individuals see the USGBC community in their region as the local authority on green building and sustainable communities. Our focus is on market transformation -- affecting triple bottom line change and making buildings resilient and regenerative.  

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (L.E.E.D.)

Omnicrete's L.E.E.D. Credit Schedule (pdf)


Omnicrete L.E.E.D. Proposal Letter April 26, 2016 (pdf)


Florida Green Building Coalition - Feature Article


Michael Ellis
"Turning the world green,
one building at a time..."
Omnicrete's mission is to leave as little a carbon footprint as possible, not only in the construction of its buildings, but the maintenance and utilities of those buildings throughout their useful lives.

The wall construction system consists of two Autoclaved Aerated Concrete [AAC or "lightweight concrete"] "stay-in-place" forming walls that are placed parallel in such a way as to form a cavity surrounding the perimeter of a building whereby concrete is poured into the cavity. This creates a completely monolithic wall system. The AAC "stay-in-place" forming walls are connected to the solid steel reinforced monolithic core (behind the vapor barrier) by unique proprietary anchor bolts. These anchor bolts are placed inside the core; with a six millimeter plastic vapor barrier (visqueen), and a state of the art moisture resistant, Green Building Compliant, Dow Blue Board insulating sheathing. This is done prior to the concrete pouring. The zero HCFC's (Dow Board) sheathing is a cost effective and energy efficient, sheathing material.

The reduction of energy consumption of this patented system has been documented to be over 78 percent. Omnicrete also provides the building owners added protection from fire, insects, mold, mildew, moisture, and withstands sustained winds in excess of 300 MPHproperties, vacant land, and investment real estate.