Licensed Builders

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Benefits of Becoming an Omnicrete Licensed Builder:

  1. Even though Omnicrete’s building costs will be very close to conventional costs, the builder will be able to “Up-sell” each home for more. Why? Keep reading…
  2. Clients will save significant money in utilities, insurance premiums and maintenance. That alone will justify the “Up-sell” price of the Omnicrete shell.
  3. Omnicrete Licensed Builders will command a greater market share, due to increased customer demand.
  4. Omnicrete Licensed Builders will attract customers who are looking for green and sustainable construction.
  5. Omnicrete Licensed Builders will attract customers who are looking for energy savings of over 70%.
  6. Omnicrete Licensed Builders will attract customers who are looking for protection from hurricane & tornado’s destructive winds in excess of conventionally built homes.
  7. Omnicrete Licensed Builders will attract customers who are looking for protection from fire (home cannot burn down – all concrete).
  8. Omnicrete Licensed Builders will attract customers who are looking for Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (L.E.E.D.) certification.
  9. Omnicrete Licensed Builders will attract customers who are looking for clean indoor air quality.
  10. Omnicrete Licensed Builders will attract customers who have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) disease who need pure indoor quality to cure their diseases.
  11. Omnicrete Licensed Builders will attract customers who are allergic to mold. Our building design is air tight and moisture cannot intrude into the building envelope. We use an air exchange unit to control fresh air.
  12. The question is: Why would anyone build conventionally when you are offering the Omnicrete System? Simple, those who have a high loan-to-value percentage and do not have the additional funds to pay the “Up-Sell” price for the Omnicrete shell upgrade out of their own pockets. For them, the builder can build with conventional materials.
  13. Summary: The Omnicrete Licensed Builder, will be able to market all the above benefits to customers which will increase the demand for the PUD far beyond competitor’s demand for conventionally built buildings and at the same time the Omnicrete Licensed Builder will increase sales volume substantially. The Omnicrete Licensed Builder will be able to offer Omnicrete as an ‘Up-sell” option for enhanced profits! Greater demand, greater and quicker sales and more profits per unit sold is a prescription for success by anyone’s calculation!

Cost of Becoming an Omnicrete Licensed Builder:

  1. Licensing Agreement Fee: depending on potential volume and location / distance from Orlando. For pricing contact Len Terry, CEO at (407) 267-5374 or email
  2. Training fee: normally training for installation crews can be done in 24 hours (three days) plus administrative estimating training another 16 hours. All fees are based on a $75.00 per hour with allowances for minimums, travel, lodging and per Diem costs (outside of 50-mile radius from Orlando, FL). The Minimum training fee is $3,000.00. Additional training and support will be charged at $75.00 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours. If site visits are required after initial training additional fees may apply.
  3. Royalty Fees range from $0.75 to $2.25 per gross building square footage (under roof) depending on the volume of square footage built per year.
  4. Exclusive territories by zip codes are available (call for pricing).
  5. Royalty fees are easily justified by the ability of the builder to charge customers an upgrade charge of the building envelope from standard methods to Omnicrete method. The builder will make additional profit and will generate significant market share increase due to offering a system that cannot be damaged by fire, rot, termites, wind (including flying debris) and mold.

Qualifications to become an Omnicrete Licensed Builder:

  1. You must be an active State Licensed Building Contractor in the state where you are building or planning to build.
  2. You must be in good standing with your State License and no have outstanding liens or judgments.
  3. You must be currently building in at least one Planned Urban Development (PUD); exceptions may be allowed.
  4. You must build and maintain one model home per Licensing Agreement with the Omnicrete shell system. The model home must be available by appointment for viewing from Monday through Friday and opened and staffed with at least one agent from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Saturday and Sunday each week. This model home must be advertised as an Omnicrete built home in local real estate media through the multiple listing service, and
  5. You must not accept “Workers Compensation Exemption Certificates from sub contractors;” only fully insured and compliant Worker Compensation Insurance on everyone working on job sites – absolutely no exceptions.
  6. You must be concerned about the earth and desiring to do something about preserving our earth’s natural resources. This system is about Green and Sustainable and we want our business associates and Franchisees be as passionate about sustainability as we are. For example, it would make no sense to build an Omnicrete Eco-friendly and sustainable shell an then incorporate energy inefficient equipment such as a tank water heater system and single pane windows, etc.

Call Len Terry today for more details – 407.267.5374