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System Benefits

Unique System Benefits
  1. Most energy efficient – 75%+ documented savings
  2. The Greenest
  3. Most Eco-Friendly
  4. Smallest carbon footprint
  5. Healthiest Indoor Air Quality
  6. Most Fire proof
  7. Lowest off-gassing and lowest VOCs
  8. Most earth protective
  9. Most wind resistant – Over 300 mph
  10. Most termite and pest resistant
  11. Most occupant benefits
  12. Most inorganic
  13. Most economic to build
  14. Strongest
  15. Most sustainable for the environment
  16. Highest L.E.E.D. points sustainability
  17. Most solid, safe and sensible

… patented construction process ever constructed anywhere in the world. Omnicrete incorporates “Eco home” and an “Eco friendly”, “renewable” and “sustainability” materials throughout it’s process! This is the only process that can deliver platinum L.E.E.D. points with no additional construction costs! This remarkable process has verifiable heating & A/C energy savings of over 75%, is double the wind-load building code requirements over 300 mph, fire proof, termite proof and mold & mildew proof. Simply the “GREENEST” Building system which leaves the smallest carbon foot-print than any other system ever developed!

United States Patented Process


Patent # US 6,532,710 B2 (Approved and Issued 3/18/03)


Patented Construction Process

Inventor: Leonard R. Terry


Patent Name:



Office: (407) 477-4791

Fax: (407) 777-0225



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