Reference Letter - Mr. Scott Gibson


Mr. Scott Gibson, Managing Principal

March 29, 2007

FR: Scott Gibson, Managing Principal and Founder, HFC

RE: Personal/Professional Reference for Leonard R. Terry / Omnicrete Safe Homes, Inc. An Open Letter of Recommendation:

In today’s corporate world, strict guidelines often limit an executive’s ability to provide an  honest and comprehensive reference beyond a mere recital of facts.

However, I trust that the extraordinary personal qualities of Len Terry coupled with his unwavering  desire to implement superior construction systems, would impress the most ardent rule followers  enough to put their reputation on the line by saying more. Such is the case here.

My perspective starts nearly 5 years ago in early 2002, a full year before Len Terry finally received a U.S. patent for his remarkable Concrete Insulated Wall System. Although we first met on a professional level, consistent  interactions soon led to personal dialogues that unveiled the man behind the invention.

The attributes are many for anyone to dedicate themselves for almost 10 years before ultimately gaining governmental approval for something totally unique. Certainly, the countless sacrifices and steadfast determination also represent someone with complete conviction, but the pure motivation underlying this individuals’ constant pursuit has always been for the greater good.

Stemming from many years of experience in the construction and real estate industries, Mr. Terry often shared how homes could be built better, built with more environmentally-friendly materials, more energy efficiency and greater protection from nature’s destructive elements.

As he often said, the defining moment for him came from the devastation created by Hurricane Andrew hitting South Florida in 1992. Since then, he has been a man on a mission to create a better system.

Now that he has accomplished this, I can unequivocally recommend Leonard R. Terry to any person who may be interested in allowing him the ability to go forth and multiply.


Heritage First Capital & Equity Research Group

Scott A-B Gibson, Managing Principal

407.444.5959 ▪ 30 Skyline Drive ▪ 2nd

Reference Letter - Mr. Paul Bertram


Mr. Paul Bertram, Jr. FCSI, CDT - LEED


As the firm that developed the technical manuals for both Ytong and ACCO, I believe there is a great opportunity for an AAC engineered system approach for a wall solution that your system provides. The assembly you propose appears to have solved the issues of moisture and structural loads (compressive strengths). To be clear, I am a marketing specialist for building products and saw first hand the failed attempts to get AAC considered as a serious product consideration. You also now have the advantage of entering the market while there is great interest in greenbuilding. 

Several additional areas your system solves are ease of system installation and sustainability/greenness qualities of AAC. Price comparisons of traditional systems will need to be made along with all necessary product approvals for successful interest. I propose that co-op support might be available if the right proposal is made to AAC manufacturers. Further, because of the fly-ash production generated from power plants - AAC material is available all over the USA. 

Therefore, this system could be nationally marketed without the cost of shipping long distances.

Builders who incorporate the OMNICRETE system will be able to firmly position as a green building  material - potentially qualifying for LEED points/credits. The product attributes are ideal for high performance building design and with the right industry awareness could make a legitimate case against traditional wall systems.

Education is the challenge for this product - the opportunity is at a point in the market where building performance is leading "lowest cost construction" in design criteria.


Paul R. Bertram Jr. FCSI, CDT - LEED AP President/CEO PRB DESIGN

off. tel. 407-578-1259 x110

cell 407-256-5317

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Robert W Whitaker Construction, CBC037879

December 21, 2012


Letter of Recommendation

To Whom This May Concern:

In addition to being a Florida Certified Building Contractor, which allows me to build anything residential or commercial, three stories or less, since September 1, 1986, I am also a retired Aerospace Engineer, having worked several years with Martin here in the Orlando area. I have been responsible for the design and construction of many commercial and residential structures over the past two and one half decades. My engineering duties have taught me to stress quality in every aspect of the construction process.

From the mid 1990’s my wife and I had been planning on building our dream home in Osteen, Florida and had been searching for a better way to build outside the normal “block” and “wood” methods. In early 2004 we experienced a tornado coming across our property and saw many trees being ripped out of the ground and tossed around like took picks. Just before the fierce winds approached our home the tornado stopped, sparing our home and our lives. After that frightening experience, we vowed to find a building method that would withstand strong tornados.

After searching the web extensively for months I discovered Omnicrete Development, Inc., a company that markets what seemed to be the most innovative construction process available anywhere in the world. Not only did the web site claim that the system offered protection from high winds but it also offered protection from fire, mold and mildew, not to mention massive energy savings, that it was also a sustainable and green system and get this: at an affordable price too! Thinking that the web site was border lining on hyperbole, I felt that if half the claims were true, I did not want to take the chance in letting this opportunity pass us by. Therefore, in June 2005 I called the company and arranged a meeting with Mr. Len Terry the CEO / President who is also the inventor and patent holder of the process. After a lengthy meeting with Mr. Terry, I became very convinced that this amazing patented method of construction not only had the potential to rise to the level of its claims, but I discovered even more protection once the assembly process was explained in detail by Mr. Terry. Even though this system had not been yet proven on a job site up to that point in time, I wanted to own the bragging rights to be the first. Within weeks from that first meeting we were ordering blueprints and applying for permits.

Needless to say, I was so impressed with how the ease of construction performed that I purchased stock in the company even before the home was completed. After three years of being in my new Omnicrete home (5,000 air conditioned square foot) my energy costs averaged just over $140.00 per month. By all standards this figure should have been well over $500.00 monthly. Please see the website at for details including a copy of my actual monthly energy bill for 36 months. My wife and I feel that this decision was the best decision we’ve ever made and would do it again without question or hesitation. I am a believer in this amazing patented system so much so that when asked to be the President of the company, I accepted with great enthusiasm.

I have experienced Mr. Terry’s exemplary honesty and integrity on many levels over nearly eight years and I find him to be of outstanding character and his product to be second to none. Believe me when I say that; “His system does all that he says it does and more.” 


Robert W.(Whit) Whitaker, CBC 037879

Robert W. Whitaker

601 Tabatha Drive, Osteen, Florida, US 32764 * Office Tel (407) 792-4560 *