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No, in fact, they should charge less; here's why:

During the exterior wall assembly, Omnicrete installs the electrical conduit (in the center core of the exterior wall) and outlet boxes for switches and plugs for high voltage as well as low voltage (cut into the AAC in the interior the home as well as the exterior of the home during the exterior wall assembly process). Therefore, when the electrician does the rough-in wiring of the home he/she only needs to “push” wires down the conduits and install the respective plugs and/or switches according to the building plans keeping of course within the compliance of proper building codes as he/she normally would. Secondly, unless interior AAC walls are being used, all interior wall partitions are standard construction, and therefore installation is standard and the cost will be identical to conventional construction.

Most often the number of lineal feet of interior partition walls is far greater than the lineal feet of exterior walls. Therefore, most of rough-in wiring and placement of switches and plugs are standard anyway (normally, 60% to 70% of plugs and switches are placed on interior wall partitions and again will be standard installation). Accordingly, the electrician has LESS work to do when exterior walls are rough-in wired since the conduit and electrical boxes for plugs and switches are already in place. Therefore, logic should dictate that the electrician’s installation cost should be less on exterior walls and again, the same for interior walls.

It has been our experience that electricians however, try and get more? That is why the electrician should discuss the wall system with us before they issue comments and prices for electrical rough-in wiring to their clients. In this discussion, we have been referring to rough-in wiring. Please understand that appliances and the instillation thereof are the same with, or without using the Omnicrete wall system. Another point about the “trades” such as electricians; most trades professionals feel more comfortable working with what they are familiar with and if they are asked to work with something they have never seen it would be tempting for them to give you a higher price and/or a negative comment that it will cost them more time and therefore cost the home owner or builder more and consequently cost the homeowner more. By speaking to us first and getting educated on the many benefits of the system from a standpoint of workmanship they should give you the same price as standard construction or even less. It has been our experience, that most electricians resist working with our system until they understand the means and methods of the system. Every time an electrician completes his/her first job they always ask to be invited to bid other jobs.